Experience has shown us that good ideas, products or services alone do not ensure the success of an organization. CEO's often report that change management is central to corporate existence. Whether that change involves cultural mergers, fostering of employee engagement, new product launches, reorganization and restructuring, or development of customer engagement strategies, it is the ability to meet the challenge of the transformation that determines success or failure.

Our collective experience at Ross Results, as well as published results from recognized authorities, confirms that very notion. Transformation and change require tapping into many skill sets, and purposeful planning is at the core of a successful campaign.

  • When making a change in your company, be exceedingly clear on where you want to go, from the overall vision to the smallest detail.
  • Develop an acute awareness of where you are today. It is scientifically accepted that people who are more self-aware navigate best through life's opportunities and challenges; this principle applies to the corporate environment as well.
  • Develop a plan that demonstrates a keen understanding of the transformational needs of the people, process, procedures and culture involved.
  • Operationalize the plan. Collective wisdom warns that the biggest misstep is in not recognizing the interaction of smaller components within the larger picture of transformational challenge.