Professional Solution Selling

This workshop is a boot-camp setting where every aspect of people skills, external factors, corporate factors and value propositioning is brought together in digestible pieces. Work with role-play prospects is addressed in real-life situations. This is the richest holy grail of selling, brought alive by our instructors, all of whom have been successful sales professionals in the manufacturing, not-for-profit, government, professional services and commercial sectors. For the company that wants to have the premium sales organization, this is the smart move.


There are various nuances in the sales cycle, yet there are common threads. This workshop focuses on one critical thread - the ability to close. Understanding the meaning of closing and closing techniques relates directly to the ability to gain sales.


The main learning objective in this workshop is the ability to ask questions, identify information and recognize the value of that information.


Learning how to create an initial benefit statement and how to network and develop a lead is the goal of this workshop.

Objection Handling

There is no natural instinct to overcome objections. The goals of this workshop are to learn to identify objections, understand their relevance and importance, and formulate the ability to overcome them.

Time Management

One of the few irreplaceable resources at our disposal is time. The clock keeps ticking and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Deadlines come and go, and wasting time is like throwing money away. In our Time Management Skills Workshop, we walk our clients through proven best practices that will enable them to develop and implement a more efficient means of accomplishing their goals.

Emotional Intelligence

This workshop focuses on recognizing emotional signals as information and knowing how to probe, close, and overcome objections. It also focuses on developing one's own emotional self-awareness as a success factor in sales.

Extended DISK

This workshop trains sales people in the meaning of communication styles. The participants learn to identify their own styles and those of others around them, thus being able to engage in suitable sales interactions.

Train the Channels Programs

We can act as intermediaries for programs that are sanctioned by the client. These managed workshops incorporate third-party distribution training that enables our client to have a unified approach to the end customer. We offer these programs to parties in the distribution channel, such as the following:

  • Independent Sales Reps
  • Dealers
  • Distributors