1. Confidentiality and privacy are respected tenets of our engagements with our clients.
  2. We will NOT keep confidences that may cause material, personal or property harm to a client or others.
  3. We only provide services for which we are qualified by training or experience.
  4. We neither claim nor imply professional qualifications beyond those we specify.
  5. We treat our clients, their colleagues and their competitors with respect.
  6. We do not place undue pressure on our clients to follow any suggestions, advice or recommendations we may offer.
  7. Under no circumstance will we break the law for our clients.
  8. We respect the rights, value and dignity of every human being, along with the right to self-direction.
  9. We expect the consultants, affiliates and teammates with whom we collaborate to abide by the Ross Results, Inc., code of ethics.