Founder/CEO Ross Results, Inc.

"Tenacity, Commitment, Empathy & Honor - to the ordinary, just words; to the extraordinary, a way of life."

Richard Ross  

Rick is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and executive mentor who has proven that mindfulness, focused psychotherapy, coaching, and mentoring can deliver equally extraordinary reinventions of the self, couples, individuals and families, as it does in businesses and corporate relationships. Accordingly, his work is deeply centered around people, and with the processes required to achieve high-performance outcomes. Rick’s hybrid professional-world expertise is augmented by his psychotherapeutic training and work. In his current practice, he continues to provide extensive insight into the fundamental human experience in the workplace and at home.  

Rick has held C-Level positions in private, public and not-for-profit organizations, including 38 years working for corporations such as Exxon Corp, Philips NV, and DRS Technologies. His experience guiding organizations through organic growth,
joint  ventures, mergers, acquisitions, integrations, and cultural transformations has provided him with vast knowledge and insight. 

As a licensed psychotherapist for 22 years, Rick has helped individuals, couples, families, and corporate leaders improve their relationships, their personal awareness, and their awareness of others. He resolutely believes that a focused vision for the future, along with addressing mental health matters including mindfulness, resilience, depression, anxiety, as well as interpersonal conflict is critical both at work and at home.  

Rick has the empathy and emotional agility to illuminate concepts that are both universal and timeless. These insights may be in the form of a feeling, a story, a message, a mood or an idea which is tailored to resonate, generation after generation.  These effective concepts do not date and are not limited to a narrow audience. Understandably, he attributes his meaningful accomplishments to being able to inspire, and as a result to be to be motivated by the people he has met along the way to stay with his vision.

Rick has a clinical master’s degree in social work from Fordham University with a postgraduate certification in family systems, as well as a BBA in marketing behavior from Pace University in New York. In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker he has also been conferred a certificate in executive coaching from Results Coaching Systems in Australia. He has certifications and practice in numerous behavioral, personality and emotional intelligence assessments for individuals, and groups in family and corporate settings.  

Rick resides and works in Northern NJ.