Karl Moisan,
Senior Vice President Sales
Interbay Funding, LLC

As Senior Vice President of Sales for Interbay Funding, LLC, I have worked with Richard Ross for the past two years. Richard has been a Coach, Mentor, and Friend.

His ability to quickly understand our culture and business paved the way for meaningful and productive discussions overnight. Richard's vast experience in Sales, Sales Management and Executive Level Positions was critical in the development of our Strategic Plan. He truly became one of the team! He also developed an excellent Sales Training Program that we utilized at four different events.

Richard has also been instrumental in my own personal development. I truly feel at ease discussing my short comings and challenges. His knowledge and use of Emotional Intelligence gives him a true advantage. I highly recommend Richard and all of his skills to anyone looking to bring themselves or their organization to the next level.

Joseph L. Ferreira,
Brigadier General
New York Army National Guard (Retired)

Rick's leadership talent, knowledge and experience, along with his ability to generate insight quickly enable him to partner, mentor and coach with his clients. I have worked with him and experienced this first hand. He pulls from his talent as a Corporate leader, a trained Executive coach-mentor, a clinical therapist and ultimately provides the client with boundless energy and motivation to pursue a strategy and reach the agreed upon goals. Moreover, our discussions have not just been limited to profession challenges; often we would work parallel efforts in my personal life.

Keith R. Dyer,
VP Residential Lending Division
Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Ross over the past several months and he has quickly become a valued advisor and coach during my career transition.

Rick has a unique ability to connect with people on both a personal and professional level and with identifying ways of aligning strengths and abilities with corporate and personal objectives. His experience has also provided strategic guidance with career development. It is evident that Rick utilizes trained skills in emotional behavior to provide quantifiable and rapid results.

Rick has become a trusted friend, coach and business advisor.

James M. Baird,
President, Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition (RSTA) Segment
DRS Technologies, Inc.

It was my pleasure to work with Mr. Richard Ross following DRS Technologies' acquisition of the organization I manage. Rick always treated the employees and myself with the utmost respect and he displayed and portrayed outstanding business ethics and integrity.

Rick demonstrated an outstanding ability to read people in meetings and hear things that others might miss. Rick, myself, and another manager attended a meeting with an Army customer where he heard an important comment one of the customers made. While discussing the meeting over lunch that day, we swore that Rick was "Hearing things", but that afternoon he proved us wrong in a subsequent meeting with the customer.

Rick is a great "off the cuff" speaker, given 30 minutes notice of his need to give a speech "roasting" the department commander. While other speakers mounted the stage with two page pre-rehearsed speeches, Rick spoke well with no notes and limited background knowledge.

I appreciate the fact that Rick was a "straight shooter" when it came to communicating with me. I believe it is counter productive having to guess or interpret what someone is trying to say when I have a conversation. Rick was always direct in his communication.

The important traits I've mentioned above are areas where I believe Rick stands out from the crowd I've observed in my 28 years in industry.

Joe Zweig,
Former President
Rockland Jewish Family Service

When Rick Ross was hired [...] the primary mission was to introduce a business model that would allow an organization that was providing excellent clinical care to first survive, and then prosper. This was not an easy assignment, as our most critical programs were not self-sustaining. With very little time and resources, Rick was able to identify potential profit centers, reorganize clinical and support staff and hire exactly the right individuals to provide leadership and cohesion under his guidance.

It's fair to say that the current growth and success of JFS is a direct result of the infusion of principles and philosophy that encouraged the staff to rethink the status quo without sacrificing the core values that allowed them to maintain their view that they were working for the community in a manner that was important and unique. When Rick left the position, he was able to pass the leadership to individuals that he recruited to allow a seamless transition incorporating the business and management protocols that are now energizing the staff, board and community. I am aware that this is a direct result of Rick's guidance, and thank him for the very positive influence he's had on us.

Paul Visokey,
Senior Vice President Sales
Interbay Funding, LLC

Rick was hired by InterBay Funding to help with business planning and implementation of a sales force expansion project. He proved to have very valuable insight and was extraordinarily helpful in coaching us through this process. Rick has a wealth of business experience and is trained as a counselor. His advanced degree in Psychology allows him to recognize and analyze the dynamics of a business organization.