People work with people, people work for people, and people work for you. Board members, owners, senior management, employees and clients all share one critical component - the human condition. Defined by personality, emotions, previous experiences and cognition (thought), the differences between those individuals create the 800-pound gorilla in the room, often called, conflict.

A Harvard case study on Human Sigma makes a compelling case for coaching as a method for improving human development and interactions. Research points to emotional intelligence as a critical factor in reducing conflict, thus improving corporate return on investment. Research is replete with data showing that all else being equal in offerings to a market, the company whose employees and clients are personally and emotionally engaged will exceed a competing company by 37% in market share, retention of employees and repeat business.

The intervention approach, systems, and products used by Ross Results develop the corporate culture to mitigate conflict, ensuring that when it does arise, you will be capable of quickly diagnosing the situation and formulating a corrective action plan for effective resolution.

Some conflict is acute and immediate, and can polarize even the most efficient companies. In these cases, we bring our experience to bear on the situation at all levels, from a project team in crisis or a board of directors in peril of imploding. We act as a direct intervention or chief consultant to the stakeholders, assisting them to navigate to a normalized posture.