Lunch and Learn

A Ross Results Coach-Mentor-Advisor will work with your staff on an informal basis presenting general topics of interest during a company-sponsored lunch. The subjects range from nutrition and anxiety in the workplace to work-life balance, office harmony and current events.

Lunch and Learn Pro

After performing an intake evaluation with numerous stakeholders of the organization, a Ross Results coach-mentor-advisor will speak with your staff regarding topics that are directly relevant to the employee population and organizational culture during a company-sponsored lunch.

Lunch and Learn Plus

This is a series of sessions spread over a customizable period of time, such as three to six months, following the format of the Lunch and Learn Pro described above.

Lunch and Learn Premium

This program incorporates all the advantages of the Lunch and Learn Plus program with individual sessions, one-on-one or in small work groups, to assist in the growth and wellness of the employee population. This program is often engaged to manage conflict intervention or used for project-team improvement.