Emotional Intelligence

Among the many skills required to prosper in any culture is the ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions. This workshop is built around the ability to measure and improve the emotional intelligence of individuals.

Extended DISK

In the diverse landscape of global business, most companies find it necessary to not only master the ability to communicate with culturally diverse corporate policies, but also to adapt and interact with the individual employee personalities within those cultures. Our Extended DISK workshops are designed to improve the ability to communicate by teaching individuals to recognize their own communicating styles as well as those of others.

360º Feedback

We conduct a 360º review to compare an employee's self-perceptions with feedback that we gather from the other employees in the organization, thus helping to eliminate misconceptions and possible miscommunications.

Custom One-On-One Employee Improvement Coaching

After doing an integrated assessment using the various tools and approaches at our disposal, we work with individuals or small groups to facilitate training and growth in line with the organization's goals.