Organizational Development

Clarifying roles, responsibilities, authority and protocol helps to harmonize the organization to work as a unit. The organization is the society people conduct business within. It is similar to a family structure. The clearer the guidance and the definition of cultural acceptability are within the home, the better the family operates.

Developing a Solution Centric Organization

Providing training to the sales organization is only one facet of the total solution-centric organization. Developing sensitivity testing and real measurable processes around the complete organization being a solution selling company is the value added to a solution provider. The company develops a critical mass with respect to the entire customer interaction.

Sales Channel Development

Creating a goal-directed, solution-trained, loyal and motivated sales initiative is critical to the success of even the best vision and plan.

Cross Corporate Team Selling

In today's marketplace, a harmony of efforts is necessary to create revenues. Team selling goals, incentives, compensation and training must all be choreographed to succeed.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Many factors come into play when weighing the notorious conflicts between sales and marketing: the personality and individual styles of the different employee types in each group, competition for resources, leadership gaps, lack of goal alignment, and general misunderstanding during collaboration.